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How do you develop an innovate, engaging and fun corporate event that both meets corporate objectives, is aligned with company values and works to improve the performance of any team?

At We Barcelona, we develop customized experiences for each client, their team and circumstances, from large established multinational companies to technology start-ups. We dedicate incredible effort into understanding the client, design a bespoke product and deliver it successfully – from full management of corporate events to team-building to incentive travel to tailored individual activities.

We understand the challenges of every company, and as experts of the city, we look for the best resources of Barcelona to create and develop effective, memorable, and transformative experiences that exceed expectations and leave a unique memory in the minds of participants.

Alongside providing a perfect ambience for workshops, conferences and training, our invigorating activities stand head and shoulders above other options in the city.

We have designed trials and challenges through the city on foot, bike and car to emphasise and elaborate corporate values; activities such as wind tunnels and quad biking to promote the annual strategy of surpassing all limits; and experiences in local schools and with environmental groups to fit in with an expanded agenda of corporate social responsibility.

To promote the values of teamwork, we have organised tablet and mobile-based scavenger hunts through the streets of the city; Masterchef workshops to challenge participants to work together and explore tapas, pintxos and Spanish cuisines; and also team-based sailing Regatta Challenges on the coast of Barcelona to give just three examples.

Beyond this, we pay attention to every detail – organising group dinners with famous chefs in unique locations with stunning vistas such as the Costa Brava; utilising our special relationships and connections with the best boutique, 4 and 5 star hotels to find the optimal location; and managing logistics from airport transfers to cross city transport of staff and equipment.

This is just a small sample of what we can offer – we can host a broad range of activities, from hot air balloon, to horse riding, to zipline and kayak.This includes our Barcelona 360º – a one-of-a-kind tour which explores Barcelona from 3 different perspectives – land, air and sea. The land is experienced with a walking tour through Barcelona´s gothic quarter and old town; the air with a helicopter flight; and the sea sailing the Barcelona Coast on board our luxury Turkish Schooner.


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